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Laboratório Multicast PIM Dense e Sparse Mode

Olá Pessoal,

O blog seguindo o fluxo do autor está, também, adquirindo material para a certificação CCNP. Ontem, prosseguindo com o estudo finalizei meu estudo sobre Multicast e agora comecei na parte de IPv6.

Quero contribuir com um laboratório que me auxiliou no entendimento do protocolo PIM (Protocol Indepentent Multicast) que é o protocolo utilizado na BSCI para criar as tabelas de roteamento multicast.

Laboratório Multicast PIM Dense e Sparse Mode

Hello Guys,

The blog following the flow of the author is also acquiring material for CCNP certification. Yesterday, continuing with the study Multicast finish my study and now started on the IPv6.

I contribute a laboratory that helped me in understanding the protocol PIM (Protocol independent Multicast) which is the protocol used in BSCI to create the routing tables multicast.

As there are two types of configuration of PIM, dense-mode and Sparse-mode, two laboratories were different and they both use the same topology (see Figure).

The laboratories are TXT files that are the initial settings. The settings are stored in NVRAM of router is the final, to be made tests. If you want to configure from scratch, feel at home. Below I provide them for download and use, pointing out that the router used is the 3600 with IOS 12.3 release 15 and download its IOS can be made in this link, paste IOS – Dynamips.

Download the laboratories can be made below:

Lab Multicast PIM-Dense Mode

Lab Multicast PIM Sparse-mode



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